The Red Square Chess Board is built around a simple vision: to create a fast and intuitive chess board that is functional and beautiful at the same time.

On top of having the most powerful Artificial Intelligence Chess Engine in the world (Stockfish), as well as the most advanced sensor array ever produced, we have made sure to embed all the classic elements that defines a great chess experience.

We have also implemented various advanced functions, including Rules, Active Feedback and Instant Help, which have all been integrated into the Red Square Chess App. These functions help level the playing field, allowing beginners and experienced players the opportunity to play against each other instantly, without knowing the rules of engagement (movements of the chess pieces).


To a chess player, there is nothing more rewarding than hours of training and guidance from an experienced chess tutor. Unfortunately, many people do not have access to family members who play chess or a senior chess tutor. The Red Square Chess Board has been developed to enhance the chess playing experience for both beginners and experienced chess players. The Red Square Chess App is designed to be configurable, allowing players to make full adjustments throughout the game. Functionality like this makes the Red Square Chess Board very accessible to novice players, enabling them to understand the game of chess in a broader sense. Experienced chess players will benefit from the more advanced functions, which are available in the App, such as Training Mode, Active Feedback and Instant Help.

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